Starbomb is an Outer Space-based Synthpop/Hip-Hop Supergroup consisting of Arin Hanson of Egoraptor and Game Grumps, and Danny Sexbang and Ninja Brian of Ninja Sex Party. Starbomb's focus is to write funny raps and jams about pop culture, mostly video games. Also their focus is to make good music. Mostly the second one. But the first one's important too. So maybe both equally.


Egoraptor, otherwise known as "Ego" is a snarky, but lovable intergalactic patrolman who uses his "Sonic Rapping" abilities to stop space crime, and also to lay down sick stanzas for Starbomb. When Ego's not punching and "Sonic Blasting" criminals, he can be found playing his favorite Earth video games, like Mega Man or Bloodborne.

With his killer "Cyber Scarf" at his disposal and his chill but motivated disposition by his side, Ego finds solace in bringing people together with his ill rhymes and charming comedy.


Danny Sexbang, known outside the Milky Way by his alter ego ‘StarDan,’ is a tall, thin intergalactic musician who provides singing and occasional rapping for the universally beloved space-band Starbomb.  Dressed in electric blue, and coiffed with a mane of long flowing Earth-hair, StarDan’s luscious, buttery vocals have been broadcast and celebrated across all corners of the known multiverse.

Inspired by legendary space musicians who came before him such as Max Rebo and David Bowie, StarDan’s continuing mission is to use music to spread love and good vibes across all intelligent worlds, and to also shoot lasers from his hands whenever possible. (Editor’s note: StarDan can shoot lasers from his hands. Should have mentioned that earlier.) 


Ninja Brian’s raw, undiluted power is surpassed by one - and only one - thing: his ability to write amazing jams. Shortly after being born one million years from now on a planet whose name is unpronounceable in any human tongue, Ninja Brian stole a time machine and arrived on Earth in 1973. After singlehandedly founding a successful tech startup that would later come to be known as “Apple Computers”, Ninja Brian met the two men that were destined to become his future collaborators: Mick Jagger and Keith Richards.

Mick, Keith, and Brian soon took the music world by storm with their debut album “The Eagles’ Greatest Hits” which, as of August 2018, has spent 239 weeks on the Billboard 200 chart. Following a successful world tour, Ninja Brian retired from music forever. He currently lives on a private island off the coast of Montana with his wife Beyoncé and their children Blue Ivy, Rumi, and Sir.